Having played Dungeons and Dragons on and off for the last 40 years, in every edition of the game and some offshoots as well, I can conclude that there are some timeless constants.

  1. No-one (else) is interested in your character’s backstory.
  2. There is always one player that takes up more time then the next three gamers put together on their turn.
  3. There is always one player who justifies anti-social behaviour by the player as being “in character”.
  4. Every young gamer creates a character as an orphan outcast from their society and thinks they are unique for doing so.
  5. Every young group of gamer’s characters will at some point have a drinking contest which will dissolve into a bar fight.
  6. Every group has a thief that will steal some large object from a stranger at the bar. This also usually descends into a bar fight.
  7. There is the player that rolls for everything, no matter what their skills are and the chances of success. This is especially annoying when they roll a 20 and they pick the lock without tools, that the thief (who rolled a 3) failed at.
  8. The players who are single or childless are the ones most often late or unavailable for a gaming session.
  9. There is always a player who distracts themselves with a phone/laptop/ book/walkman/iPod during turns who is then slow to catch up with the action when their turn comes around.